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US Internet Technologies staff of consultants, some with more that 22 years of expereince in Operating System, Networking, Internet, Software Design and Hardware design/deployment, can fill your needs.

We cover all major and many obscure opertating systems from Windows, Unix (Linux and BSD), Macintosh and more. Our programmers code in all languages, so weather C, PERL, assembler, PHP, BASIC, SHELL or other, we can take over an existing project or start your new project from scratch.

:: Most Recent Business Software Applications

ISP Billing system: An advanced billing system for re-accuring monthly billing and one time invoicing. The system will automatically prorate new costomers as well. It can be used for any busniness as a straight billing system or monthly billing system. The system will handle just about all businesses with the exception of the legal and medical fields. The re-accuring billing lends itself to Pest Control, Landscape/Lawn maintenance, Pool Cleanning, Maid Services, or any business that needs to bill their customers on a monthly basis. And yes, it will allow adding one time addition items on a single montly invoice as well.

If you are in need of a good billing system contact US Internet Technologies at the number on the top of this webpage.

:: Some customer hardware and software solutions

SMART home, a voice controlled home system, with themes allowing the homeowner to taylor the system to their allowed voices and phrases.

COMPUTER NETWORKING Or staff is familiar with Microsoft and Linux/Unix TCP/IP intranet and internet. From a two computer network, to thousands, no job is too small or large.

CUSTOM HARDWARE Some of our project require we design circuits to do special functions. This is only if a product does not exist that will do what you need.

We have created designs that open doors and windows with accutators arms (for emergency termperature control), detect fire alarms (to alert building owners via their cellphone), detect power outages or tempurature changes and notify clients through their cellphones or EMAIL.

Firewalls: US Internet Technologies can build you a custome firewall to protect your companies network from internet attackers.

Spam mail filters: We designed the one that protect our thousands of dial-up customers tech use US Internet for EMAIL, as well, have developed a Windows based product for non-US Internet customers.

SMDR: We have design phone Station Monitor Detailed Report system. This is a computer that monitors the phone activity of you office. It can be used to track sales calls, long distance calls (and print a bill), even detect if someone not authorized is using your phone after hours.

:: Projects in the works

FACIAL IDENTITY and RFID This system is a 5 users door opener for secured areas. The authorized personal look into a camera, and the door allows entry. RFID, is now used to replace card swipe and keypad entry system. The cards works like Sunpass, you walk up to the door, the RFID (small credit card unit) triggers the door to open, as well it can log the person and time to a computer, and more.

CAMERA SECURITY AND ENTRY ALERT SYSTEM This is a (up to 16) camera system, to record outside gate entry, parking and internal building areas. It records up to 45 days and is viewable remotely via the internet (with passwords of course). The ENTRY ALERT software logs time and date of a person entering via the RECORDER computer. And it can voice announce "with a human voice stating what gate or door was entered" so you can look right at that camera.

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