US Internet Technologies Spam Filter HELP and FAQ

We've received many EMAILs from people raving about the NEW US-IT Email filter. On person had a wish-list. We have also had a few calls about good Emails getting trapped in the filter.

Since it was designed and written by programmers, it might not be clear to all non-computer-geeks. We hope we will gain business from the filter since we are sure you hear people talking about all the junk mail they receive a day. Now you can tell them, move to USIT or move your Email to USIT.

The filter has many levels. Mandatory checks USIT does (virus checks, spammer pattern checks, etc). Then it takes your filter settings "you" control and tests each of your Emails with you words and phrases.

After you turn the filter on there are 5 simple steps to control the filter so lets get started.

Using the filter: First you must turn the filter on. You turn it off the same way.

To turn on the filter, in your browser go to and click on EMAIL FILTER. You will see four options.

About the US-IT.NET mail filter (this page)
Enable or disable our spam filter.
Define words that you DO and DO NOT want to receive.
View the emails collected by our spam filter.

Click Enable or disable our spam filter.

Enter your email address, password and click Enable Filter. You will see Settings saved and be returned to the US-IT.NET website.

Now lets start training. Click EMAIL filter again and this time click Click here to define what you DO and DO NOT want to receive.

Here you will have a 5 step process to setup the filters.

Step 1: Enter your email address and password. If you have trained before you will need to hit "Load settings", if this is your first time go on to step 2.

Step 2: Here you can pick from 2 preset filters (we may have more later). These are tough filters we have preset words in and we adjust them everyday (and no we will not disclose the list). Otherwise we might as well give them to the junk mailers.

Step 3: Here are a number of boxes. These boxes are to put a word or phrase in that you do not want going to your mailbox. Place a word or phrase in each box as needed, leave the rest blank. Do not put a space in any box as all emails have a space in them and you will receive no mail.

What happened to the junk Emails? They end up in "your personal" spam mailbox which we will discuss later. What would I put in the boxes?. Look at junk Emails that make it through the filter, like "low cost mortgage rates". This will not get through if in step 2 you checked our preset SPAM filters. Less say you did not. Enter "low cost mortgage" in the first box. Better, enter "low cost" and you will not receive Emails with "low cost mortgage", "low cost long distance", "low cost ANYTHING". If you filter a phrase and you receive an Email with it that phrase, it is due to Step 4, the overrides, which means the filter triggered on an override phrase covered in the next step.

Step 4: THE MOST IMPORTANT boxes (override). Use these the same as Step 3, but these work the opposite, these words, phrases OR email addresses will ALWAYS come through the filter. Maybe add, or If you have a lot of friends form, enter in a box and they will all OVERRIDE the filter.

Step 5: Save the settings.
This one should be obvious.

What if I want to come back and add more phrases later? To add to the list, repeat the above steps, however in step 1 select LOAD SETTING (after you've entered your Email address and password) and then continue on with the steps.

Lastly, how do I check what Email is being filtered?

Go to the, click Email filter, then click

View the emails collected by our spam filter.

Here you will have the first 100 filtered Emails (or less) in "your" SPAM mailbox. It will show who it is "supposedly" from, the subject and a "this is not spam button." The "this is not spam" button will forward the Email to your regular Email address and update your personal dictionary with the words in the Email to attempt, in the future, not to catch similar Emails. If you it was an important Email, use step 4, covered above, and put the person's email address in one of the override boxes.

If you think one of the filtered Emails might be real, you can view it by clicking the subject.

When you are finished with the filtered Email list, click KILL LIST located at the top and bottom of the list. This screen will change in the future as we add new feature. Right now, the KILL LIST button will take you back to the website and you have to log back in, only if you had more that 100 junk Emails in the filtered list.

Finally... If you DO NOT check the filtered list (your SPAM mailbox), we will only keep the last 14 days of junk Emails, so monitor it daily at first, until it is trained, after that whenever you need, but only 14 days will remain on the server.

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